Bet365 Entered Colorado Sports Betting Industry with Century Casinos

Bet365 Entered Colorado Sports Betting Industry with Century Casinos

Bet365 entered the Colorado sports betting industry by partnering with Century Casinos. Industry insiders are expecting the world’s biggest sportsbook operator to transform the young Colorado market.

There’s no timeline for its launch. Bet365 is still waiting for approval for its mobile app license in the state. Also, the company signed a ten-year deal with Century Casinos that included a split yearly revenue guarantee and gaming revenue share.

Bet365 isn’t the first mobile sportsbook in Colorado. However, its competitors will surely feel its presence once it launches in the state. Colorado has the potential to become one of the biggest sports betting markets in the US. Bet365 will make the market more competitive.

Bet365 Entered Colorado Sports Betting Industry

Bet365 Entered Colorado Sports Betting Industry with Century CasinosBet365 is the biggest sportsbook in the world today. It earns $4 billion yearly and has a presence in most markets worldwide. Also, it has around 4,600 workers, according to sportsbook pay per head reports. Its most influential market presence is in Europe, and its biggest markets are England and Italy, according to a business blog.

The company streams more than 175,000 sporting events each year. Based on sports betting pay per head solution sources, players check out Bet365 because of the number of games available through the sportsbook. They know that games unavailable on TV would be on Bet365.

Once approved, Bet365 would be the sixth mobile sportsbook in Colorado. Also, the company is waiting for New York to approve mobile gaming, which was excluded in the upcoming budget. Other mobile sportsbooks operating in Colorado are FanDuel, BetRivers, FoxBet, BetMonarch, BetMGM, and DraftKings.

Pay per head reviews and news sites described Bet365’s venture into the US market as slow. However, the Colorado market can help turn things around for the gambling company. Entering the new market is a good move for the mobile betting giant.

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