How to make a game of tic tac to out of wood

This year we did not have a lot of money for gifts so we decided to make some of the toys for our son. One of the classic games from our childhood was tic tac to and thought it would make a great gift. We love to make arts and crafts at home and after doing a quick inventory of what we had available around the house, it was just a matter of making the toy. To make it this game of tic tac to, we used the following tools…

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Last Minute Gift Ideas

There are few days left until Christmas if you forget to buy gifts or did not have time or maybe you are short of money, do not worry there are still many options to save your skin and give at least a show of affection to those people so important in your Life, not everything has to be luxuriant nor cost you an eye of the face so if you find yourself in trouble do not worry anymore! Here are some ideas that you found on the web to inspire…

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Make Delicious Lemonade with a Blender

Haga deliciosa limonada con una licuadora

Want to make delicious lemonade without having to squeeze the juice out of a lemon? Then this is the lemonade recipe for you! By using a blender, you no longer need to squeeze the juice out of a lemonade and you will be able to extract even more juice out of the lemonade when the blender crushes the lemon into pulp.   It’s almost like magic and it is such an easy recipe that I wish I would have thought about it a long time ago. Especially since we have…

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My Favorites Websites

mis sitio web favoritos

I wanted to share a list of my favorite websites and why I like them. I hope that you will enjoy them as much as I do as they range from shopping websites to real estate and discounts. Shopping Websites Costa Rica Ahorro – This is a great website if you are looking to find store discounts and promotions in Costa Rica as well as coupons you can use in Costa Rica. This website also has a very good Costa Rica Directory where you can find anything that you are…

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