Last Minute Gift Ideas

There are few days left until Christmas if you forget to buy gifts or did not have time or maybe you are short of money, do not worry there are still many options to save your skin and give at least a show of affection to those people so important in your Life, not everything has to be luxuriant nor cost you an eye of the face so if you find yourself in trouble do not worry anymore! Here are some ideas that you found on the web to inspire and solve your little predicament.


You can play it super easy with 1) mix for prepared Brownie, you should not make much effort just remember to put the special ingredient (LOVE) nothing tastes better than when you put your heart into what you do.

2) Chocolate chip cookies, who do not love these naughty delights … even children and teenagers will like this is a gift made for all ages, but do not forget the presentation she is the one who will do the trick for you Particular is special. 3) Licorice one of the sweets most loved by all, anyone will be happy to receive a handful of these delicious sweets.

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Also something that can never be missing, hmmmm a delicious cup of hot chocolate for that cold so characteristic in these dates (use a permanent marker and personalize) can be accompanied by a beautiful memory made by you, you will mark a tender smile in who receives it although Spend time every time you see it and know that no one can restrain to flip one of these to watch the snow fall.

But if you prefer and have the budget for something more but easy to get even in the supermarket maybe the following you like or as I said before give you the inspiration you were looking for, you can personalize it if it is a boy or girl or teenagers etc.

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If you are invited to a party or you just want to show off a little more here I leave you my last options you choose, I sincerely hope to have been of help.

Very happy holidays !!!

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