Pay Per Head: A Recommendation Pay Per Head: A Recommendation

If you want to be a bookie, the fastest and most affordable way is to get a sportsbook pay per head service. Their software is specifically made for bookies, and it requires no training to technical knowledge to use. But if you look online, there are hundreds of these providers. It can be quite hard to identify which one is the perfect one for you. But today, we will give you a recommendation of the pay per head software. We have familiarized ourselves with the software, and we will share with you our experience and explain why we like this provider. has been in the industry for many years, and they actually are popular internationally. They started out in Asia (thus the name). However, since they offer a large variety of betting products, they quickly grew popular even with the international market. They followed the demands of the market, and now offer services for anyone who wants to put up an online gambling business. Pay Per Head Review Pay Per Head: A Recommendation

First off, we want to talk about the services they offer. When you check their software, there are options to add three main products. The sportsbook, the online casino, and horse racing. This is good because then you will only need one software to manage everything. We contacted their customer service because we wanted to know how much everything would cost. To our surprise, they said that the fee already includes the use of everything you see in your software. No need to pay to unlock features.

The sportsbook in itself will keep you busy managing wagers. They offer white label sportsbook services, so you have odds from games and events from around the world. This will help a lot because your players will be able to place bets on any event that they can think of. As a bookie, this means you are increasing your potential to earn more. Verdict

We have been using the software for some time now. There is a free trial you can use if you want to try it out too. And we recommend that you do, because the software is so easy to use, even beginner bookies will not have problems. Customer service is quick and attentive. The software is efficient, and gives us a great online sportsbook site that players are using smoothly. There are no down times or problems for both players and bookies.

It really is worth your time and money. Even better, the software is also very affordable so you will not even have to spend so much to get quality bookie software.

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