Chris Paul is a Good Fit in Warrior’s Roster

Chris Paul is a Good Fit in Warrior’s Roster

In your latest daily dose of sports news to help you with your bookie business, we are taking a look at the Golden State Warriors, and the start of their season with a new roster care of the addition of Chris Paul. They did lose their season opener to the Phoenix Suns, but the game gives us a lot of insight to the team and its potential.

And when you want to earn more from basketball betting and such, you need to know about a team’s roster, their depth, flexibility, and other relevant information. Aside from odds in your sportsbook software, you also need to check the stats of the teams in the NBA. For the Warriors, it looks like they finally found the solution on what to do when Steph Curry is not in the court.

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Chris Paul is a Good Fit in Warrior’s Roster

Its no secret that Steph Curry is central to the team and their ability to win games, and even get into the playoffs. But over the last three years, when Curry is out or minus-5 in the box score, the Warriors are 2-46. That is a horrible number that seems to continue in their opener against the Suns. It has always been a challenge for the team to win a game with someone else helping with scoring.

In their opener, Curry scored 27 points out of the 108-104 loss. He was just 8 for 20 in the field, so it was not a good night for the superstar. But Chris Paul may be the answer, and help the team get a better outcome should Curry not be there. The Warriors’ head coach, Steve Kerr, has said that Chris is good, and gives them a different dimension. Fans of the team are hopeful to see this in the next few games as Paul adjusts to playing with the Warriors.

Paul has a slower pace with a pick and roll style, which is quite the opposite from the chaos that is the Warriors, but this can work to the advantage of the team. We saw a preview of this when in the third quarter, Curry had to sit on the bench after four fouls, and Paul stepped up. We all saw the classic CP3 plays, which finally gave the team the chance to lead 76-68. From a three-point deficit, they led by eight. This kind of turnaround without Curry has rarely been seen since Kevin Durant left the Warriors back in 2019. So check your basketball lines in your bookie pay per head software, and get ready for the Warriors’ games as it will surely be as exciting as their opener.

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