CONCACAF to Bring Back Gold Cup




Preparations for the 2021 Gold Cup are underway, and Asian Cup Champion Qatar will be joining next year. The latest sports news reports from CONCACAF also confirms some changes in the format for the upcoming tournament. Given the challenges brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, many are optimistic that the Gold Cup will be able to provide good entertainment for its fans around the world.

Of course, this is also a great opportunity to earn, for those who are into sports betting. An even higher chance of earning is possible if you want to learn how to be a bookie. For the Gold Cup, there will be 13 teams from North America (including Qatar) who will all be vying for the title. The 12 North American teams earned their slots through the CONCACAF Nations league. The countries included are the US, Mexico, Canada, Jamaica, Curacao, Costa Rica, Grenada, El Salvador, Panama, Honduras, Suriname and Martinique.

Gold Cup Spots

Those who are running their own sportsbooks can benefit from online marketing services to gain an international customer base, which will definitely contribute to better numbers for international tournaments like the Gold Cup. The teams mentioned above will be competing for 3 slots in the group state, a Gold Cup draw on September 28, followed by quarterfinals matching teams. The Gold Cup will kick off on July 10, 2021.

Meanwhile, there are three other group stage spots that will go for qualifiers. This will come from a 12-team knockout event on July2-6, 2021. The countries joining this round will be Barbados, Bahamas, French Guyana, Bermuda, Guadelupe, Cuba, Guyana, Guatemala, Montserrat, Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Before, the teams would face teams from their own groups up to the finals. However, this time around, they will be crossing over groups for them to open the last 8 knockout matches. The football tournament is expected to garner a lot of viewers and sports bettors. You can check out  this business directory to find resources to help you get ready for football season on 2021.

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