Review of the Sportsbook Pay Per Head Service

Review of the Sportsbook Pay Per Head Service

Review of the Sportsbook Pay Per Head ServiceFor those who want to own their very own sportsbook, we have here our sportsbook pay per head reviews to help you out. While a pay per head software will make everything easy for you, it can be quite hard to find a good pay per head provider that will be truly worth your time and money. Today, we will take a look at the sportsbook pay per head service.

Price Per Player has been in the business since 2013. Their team of sports betting experts and tech experts have over 75 years of combined experience, which is what makes this particular PPH service popular. We have been hearing about them for quite some time already, so we decided to see if they really are good. Thankfully, they offer a free 2-week trial that does not ask for any deposits or payment information, so we were able to get everything set up in minutes. Sportsbook Pay Per Head Review

Review of the Sportsbook Pay Per Head ServiceAs far as sportsbook software goes, Price Per Player exceeds our expectations. Our first impression of the site is that it is fast and easy to use. It’s a no-frills, easy-on-the-eyes software. But upon taking a closer look, we liked even better the tools they offer. Their menu has a very clean layout where everything is organized by need/category. Here, we were able to easily find where we needed to manage our lines. We also easily found where to add players and change their limits. We liked how we could do this on our own without having to call customer service as what other sites would do. Verdict

If you want a great sportsbook pay per head to help you manage a successful sportsbook, then yes, we definitely want you to try Price Per Player. The software is complete and the site loads fast, with no errors or lag time. This is important especially when adjusting lines and player limits. We also tested the player’s side and was amazed at how easy it was for us to find the events we wanted to bet on, despite the large number of wagers available. The best part of Price Per Player? You can use their software for only $5 per player. They offer cheaper options if you have more players too, so you can save money even as your sportsbook grows.

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