GG.BET Signs with Gaules for BLAST Paris Major

GG.BET Signs with Gaules for BLAST Paris Major

GG.BET, a betting firm, announced its sponsorship deal with Gaules, a former eSports pro and prominent streamer. Furthermore, they are one of the significant betting partners for the streamer’s broadcast of the BLAST Paris Major.

Alexandre Borba Chiqueta, real name of Gaules, is a former eSports coach and player. His game of choice is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Also, he is still playing the game even though he retired from the professional scene.

Gaules began his streaming career in 2018. Before becoming a streamer, he played CS: GO professionally. He eventually became a coach. Also, he had a massive role in professionalizing the eSports industry in Brazil. Thus, he remained popular as a streamer.

BLAST Paris Major Stream

GG.BET Signs with Gaules for BLAST Paris Major

Even now, Gaules is often streaming on Twitch. He is one of the most popular Portuguese-speaking video providers, with 3.9 million viewers on the Amazon-owned site.

Gaules’ official Twitch account will host the Portuguese language broadcast for the next BLAST Paris Major. As the official betting partner of the broadcast, the streamer will introduce GG.BET and promote the esports betting brand extensively during the broadcast. It will be a significant competitor of FanDuel Sportsbook.

It will not be Gaules’ first time collaborating with GG.BET. Gaules advertised the business during his coverage of the RMR qualifiers earlier this year. The gambling company’s logo and name were prominently shown during the broadcast, directing viewers to where they might find the most incredible esports betting options.

This time around, subscribers to Gaules will also be eligible for a particular GG.BET offer. Subscribers to the streamers’ channel on the operator’s website will receive a bonus during the Major.

GG.BET CEO Dmitry Voshkarin praised Gaules as Brazil’s most popular esports talent in a statement about the partnership. According to GG.BET’s CEO, the content producer is an ideal business partner because his streams consistently draw more viewers than those of the most prominent official tournament organizers.

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