NBA Trade Rumors

NBA Trade Rumors

If you want to learn how be a bookie, you need to stay on top of the latest news on the most popular sports leagues that your players bet on. The NBA is always a popular option in many sportsbooks. Thus, it gets a lot of action, not just for wagering on games and the season, but on other wagers such as drafts, trades, and the like. Now that the NBA trade deadline is closing in, we’re taking a closer look at the rumors on some of the most popular trades in the league.

Your bookie software will have a white label sportsbook feature, so betting lines on the league will continue to appear as we get closer to the finals. For trade wagering, however, things are heating up as we hit the deadline on February. However, since more than half of the teams in the NBA are still playing, and still have a chance at the postseason, they may hold off on trades until the very last minute.

NBA Trade Rumors

NBA Trade RumorsOne of the most popular rumors involve MVP frontrunner Luka Doncic. Not because he wants to be traded. Rather, he has stated that he wants to see some changes in the roster before the February 9 deadline. Despite Doncic’s amazing performance, the Dallas Mavericks are only 5th place in the West. Many will be looking at wagering on this team in your sportsbook pay per head operation, so keep an eye on this update.

The Washington Wizards are also exploring possible trade options as they want to get Rui Hachimura. Many teams want to take Kyle Kuzma away from the Wizards, but they want to have him re-sign in the offseason. You also have the San Antonio Spurs, whose player Jakob Poeltl has been getting a lot of interest, specifically from the Celtics and the Raptors. A trade could happen- if these teams are willing to pay a steep price for what the Spurs want for Poeltl.

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